Crystal Beach Beach Access

Open sunrise to sunset, 7 days a week

About This Access

Although this access is tucked away and easy to miss, it's a great spot for those that either can ride share to this location or are staying within walking distance. Located just to the west of the Crystal Beach Inn, this access lacks any amenities but that's often an attraction for those beach-goers who want a bit more seclusion and pure beach.

This access isn't without crowds though as a result of the hotel, so you might have to walk a bit to find yourself a more quiet stretch of beach.



No cost to enter or to park

Average Crowd

Crowds tend to be moderate here


None near the access, some street side parking close by


No ammenities

More Details

This access is tucked away and often missed by drive by traffic, but is directly adjacent to the Crystal Beach Inn so the beaches can be a little more crowded than some may like without a bit of a walk.

Find This Access

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