Miramar Regional Beach Access

Open sunrise to sunset, 7 days a week

About This Access

This is a beach access you can't miss if you've driven the length of Scenic Highway 98. You'll find plentiful parking here with an on-site restroom facility and the restaurant Pompano Joes nearby serving food and drinks. This stretch of beach is quite large, but the quantity of parking available and the attractiveness of the facilities on site yields a much higher concentration of people during the summer months.

That shouldn't deter you from coming here, however. Just don't be surprised when you arrive and parking is hard to come by and crowds are high. There's still plenty of beach waiting down there for you and the whole family.



No cost to enter or to park.

Average Crowd

Crowds tend to be quite high here due to the quantity of parking and amenities.


Plentiful parking via a large paved parking lot, but this fills up fast because of the attached restaurant and amenities this access boasts.


This access has on-site restrooms, showers, and a restaurant on the beach serving food and drinks.

More Details

Pompano Joes is the restaurant attached to this beach access location serving food and drinks.

Find This Access

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