Princess Beach Access

Open sunrise to sunset, 7 days a week

About This Access

It doesn't get much more secluded when it comes to beach accesses than this location. Along with the nearby Eglin Matterhorn Beach Access, these are by far and away the two most secluded stretches of beach you'll find anywhere from Pensacola to Destin to the end of Highway 30a. As a result though, you'll find there are no amenities to speak of, no vendors, and a more lengthy walk than usual to get to the beach from the parking areas.

This is a huge plus to the right types of beach-goers, however. The long walks turns away much of the crowds so you're likely to see only a handful of people nearby and there will be plenty of distance between you.



No cost to enter or to park.

Average Crowd

Crowds tend to be moderate as this access has become more popular in recent years.


Plenty of spaces, but be mindful of soft sand in some areas that can leave you stuck.


No showers, bathrooms, or pavilions at this location.

More Details

Sometimes there are weddings held here, so don't be surprised if this access is suddenly crowded later in the day.

Find This Access

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