Redneck Beach Access

Open sunrise to sunset, 7 days a week

About This Access

Redneck Beach, as it's become known, refers to the area on the west end of the Destin Bridge that is in fact land designated for public use by the United States Air Force, who controls all of the beach access on Okaloosa Island. This particular beach access is quite popular because of it's proximity to Crab Island, ease of access, and it's plentiful parking. There is plenty of beach that stretches from this area underneath the Destin Bridge out into the Destin East Pass, but this requires a fair hike. As a result, crowds tend to bunch up near the foot of the bridge and because of it's close proximity to Crab Island, boats frequently anchor on the shore here, attracting a much more rowdy and loud sort of crowd.

If you're looking for a more family friendly beach access, this is still a good fit but you'll have to hoof it on foot quite a ways down the beach out towards the Destin East Pass to find a bit of peace and quite. With that said however, you still get gorgeous views of Crab Island, the Destin Bridge, and much of the Destin Harbor from this beach access.



No cost to access or to park.

Average Crowd

Crowds tend to be high at this access, especially during the summer season.


Parking is readily available, but will require a lengthy walk to get the beach from the parking areas that stretch down highway 98.


This access has no showers, bathrooms, or pavilions.

More Details

This access is quite popular, has shade only available underneath the bridge, and tends to attract a more rowdy crowd as a result of boats mooring here.

Find This Access

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